I was raised on american and british propaganda. And, because of that, I believed I was blessed with the same kind of exceptionalism exhibited by John Wayne and all the other WW2 war heroes of movies and TV. 60+ years later, I now know all those stories of WW2 were mostly lies. america and britain did not win the war as I was told by my parents and by Hollywood.

Russia and the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany while sacrificing 25 milion of its citizens in the effort. Not only that, Russia was then such an immediate threat that Japan decided to capitulate ... before america gratuitously and sadistically dropped its atomic bombs murdering around two hundred thousand civilians..

Andrei Martyanov is now a loyal american living in the Seattle area. He immigrated from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union..But before that he was an officer in the Russian navy. Despite his loyalty to america, he is now writing books and podcasting about military strategy and doctrine. It doesn't take long to understand he is indeed an expert and that he has little respect for military and political leaders in the west. I believe him when he says western military leaders are uneducated and incompetent, if not corrupt flunkies of the Military Industrial Complex..

Despite second-rate opponents, america has not been on the winning side of a war since WW2 despite many invasions and despite its obscene investment in weapons and bases around the world. And now we learn america has lost the arms race to Russia. For those of us who were able to shed the blinders of Hollywood propaganda, our world has been turned upside down. america, britain and Canada are no longer automatically assumed to be the good guys or even competent.

How could america lose the arms race when taxpayers spent so much money? I can only assume now that we were robbed by military contractors. Russia now has the best weapons plus the industrial infrastructure to produce the greatest quantities. Incompetent leaders in the west destroyed our capacity for industrial warfare by off-shoring such industry to China. But those same idiots provoke war with incessant efforts to destabilize Russia with encroachment, sanctions, and sponsored rebellions. And worse, with war propaganda aimed at its own citizens - you and me. We've all been brainwashed; only now, some of us are turning away from 'normal' news journalists (eg CBC, Globe&Mail) to find the truth from citizen journalists like Andrei Martyanov, The Grayzone or Jimmy Dore. As I said, our world is upside down when we learn to give more respect to a pothead comedian like Jimmy Dore than to establishment media. (Establishment media that is all subsidized heavily by the government.)

Please follow Andrei Martyanov's videos on YouTube to learn for yourself whether you can trust what he says. And stop trusting the CBC and similar sources when they tell you anything about Russia or China. If you, your family and friends are all swayed by american propaganda, then there is little reason to think the people brainwashing you aren't brainwashed as well.