From video presented on TV news of the January 6, 2021 Washington Capitol protest/riot, we were given the impression that there was a violent insurrection underway. If, however, you saw all of the video shot that day - not just the video cherry-picked to emphasize violence and ignore the obvious complicity of the police - you would not get the same impression.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News was provided with all of the video and he used it to make exactly this point on his show. TV network news producers, in league with anti-Trump politicians and bureaucrats, conspired to destroy the credibility of the former president's support base by feeding the public with an incriminating but fake video narrative.

JimmyDoreTuckerCarlson video

In this half-hour clip from the Jimmy Dore Show, Jimmy and Max Blumenthal of the GrayZone review Carlson's exposé. The discussion offers insights of critical media analysis and generally provides a wonderful education on the duplicitous mainstream media that about half of our country still trusts for the truth.

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