What They Don't Tell You

Destroys freedom and democracy

Seymour Hersh is probably the most important journalist alive today.

He has published something new that our Brainwashed Brainwashers would like to hide.

Did you see anything about it? One of the most important journalists alive reported that america destroyed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline thus forcing Germany to source its gas supplies from  ... well, america, Canada and other suppliers at much higher prices..

You won't see what you need to see if you're still depending on the usual suspects of everyday ordinary news media e.g. CBC, CTV, Global, Star, Globe, Sun, etc..Especially since their sources, Reuters and AP, provide plausible deniability.

Michael Tracey hasn't steered me wrong so far. But, in truth, I don't follow him as closely as other commentators of similar persuasion.

His point about Wikipedia points to its nature and how it has been gamed for someone's communication agenda.