The Truth is They Lied

And, because you trust, that's not the end.

Self-righteous Canadians can't imagine why large numbers of their fellow citizens are disappointed with them. Well, here is about eleven minutes of authorities and media figures condemning people like me for resisting vax hysteria and mandates.

Our friends and families chose to believe these overpaid brainwashed brainwashers and treat resisters like morons or traitors - with nothing but blind subservience to authority to guide them. Since then, report after report has come out to prove our resistance was correct. We were never a threat to the health of anyone. And we vax resisters did not overburden the health system. Meanwhile, many of those who believed the endless lies of government authorities - and still do in the case of other issues such as war - have suffered from vaccine injuries and the economic impacts of lockdowns.

Most of us who were treated like selfish idiots want to heal the wounds. I, for one, am not looking to rub anyone's nose in their arrogance or poor judgement.But it would be nice to get back to some semblance of normalcy where we can actually discuss ongoing threats to democracy and freedom with respect and patience.