Tribal liberals will recoil from any mention of Fox News as if the news sources they trust are more legit. On this occasion though, we have a news entertainer questioning the integrity of his whole industry. He suggests what half of public already suspect - mainstream media does not inform with the truth, it is used by the Deep State to control us. I'm not sure yet that this is totally legitimate since TV news is all about entertainment and propaganda.Stay tuned; we'll see.

From YouTube: "Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson recently talked about what he learned during his career in media during an appearance on the "Full Send" podcast, lighting into his corporate media colleagues (and former self) for lying at the behest of the establishment and expressing regret over his past defense of the Iraq War."

JimmyDoreTuckerCarlson videoWatch the analysis of Jimmy Dore as he shares the 'conversion' speech from Carlson's show: