Changed Minds

Did your news source tell you?


Faced with overwhelming evidence in reviewed data, wearing face masks - either cloth or N95 - made little to no difference in the spread of viruses.

Up until a year ago, Dr. John Campbell advocated for the wearing of masks to prevent transmission of Covid. Here he apologizes for being wrong and provides details on the research findings.

Like many of us, to be safe, he trusted the authorities despite earlier research that pointed to the same conclusions about mask effectiveness.

So, did the authorities simply err on the side precaution? Or was this a propaganda effort to build solidarity against national threats - a pandemic today or a war tomorrow?

Wearing masks had that primitive tribal effect. It divided us from them. It was a form of virtue signaling that declared the wearer was submitting for the greater good. And it demonized anyone showing independent thought.

The question now is 'Will the authorities change their message now that the truth is out?'

Will this research study be reported in mainstream media? Will our Brainwashed Brainwshers in the media apologize as graciously as Dr. John Campbell did for getting it wrong for so long?