NaziCanadaA big part of my Whitside childhood was listening to the old folks commiserate about adventures and politics during WW2. Pappy Gilbertson was one of the heroes of the Battle of Britain. Uncle Bill flew against Nazis in North Africa and Italy. At the time I had no trouble identifying good guys and bad guys. It was constantly drilled into me that nazis were evil war criminals. Apparently there is now some doubt.

Since WW2, we have been afflicted with seventy plus years of overwhelming Cold War propaganda that has distorted history in order to keep Canadian citizens sufficiently hateful towards Russians.Now that brainwashing has so infested Canadian minds that our so-called leaders are now giving standing ovations in parliament to SS nazis.

Canada's politicians and mainstream journalists are more brainwashed than the rest of us because they are richly rewarded with money, connections and power to believe what they're told. Canadian citizens are simple people who just want to work hard and provide a good life for their children without getting stuck in the mud of politics. Unfortunately, choosing that path makes them simpletons who are easily manipulated. I know because I was in that head space for most of my life. I was a brainwashed simpleton too.

Yes, it takes some nerve to tell the vast majority of Canadians that they're all brainwashed but there is prescedent and reason. After all, 70+ million Germans in 1938 were convinced that it was the rest of the western world that was deluded and brainwashed, not them. They knew they were the good guys ... just as most Canadians do now.

How do Canadians know they're the good guys now? Their TVs, radios and newspapers tell them so. And political leaders assure them Russia's dictator Putin is evil, insane or both. It seems such an overwhelming and obvious consensus, how could any sane citizen doubt it? You would have to be crazy to risk losing friends and family relations to tell everyone else they're deluded.

But here I am doing just that. The machinations, reasons and perpetrators of this grand deception are too much to convey in this short post. My only hope is to use the nazi fiasco in parliament to nudge you into considering that something is really wrong, and the possibility that you are not invulnerable to propaganda and brainwashing.

I suspect that my family is in denial about how close we are to fighting in a real war once again. Before you send your kids off to fight in Ukraine, you might want to give an ear to anti-war journalists who are questioning american and nato propaganda. Such research is tedious and won't be respected by those around you but it may save you from severe disillusionment and heartbreak.