Brainwashed Brainwashers

Are Lying us into War


Learning the truth about propaganda can be really funny.

Most of the so-called journalists, politicians and others lying to us daily are not doing so knowingly. Although they spread the brainwashing, they are as brainwashed as most of their audiences.They simply trust their bosses, the politicians they interview, the military and intelligence sources that are their sole sources of information. Like everyone else, they refuse to believe that respected officials would lie to them.

Here we have an example of a woman who got herself into a job as Communcations Director for the National Endowment for Democracy mainly because she didn't ask her employers any awkward questions. As the Communications Director, it's her job to inform journalists about the work of NED. So she's a brainwashed brainwasher brainwashing other brainwashed brainwashers. What better way to convince people of a lie than to actually believe it yourself?

In complete naiveté, she approached journalists at the Grayzone to ask why they kept claiming her organization was associated with the CIA. After all, her superiors, mainstream journalists and everyone else around her said that was ridiculous.