Brainwashed Brainwashers

Are Lying us into War


TruthLieWhen confronted with uncomfortable truths, a favorite expression of complacent simpletons is "Oh well, what can you do?" Well, here's something you can do: you can accept the challenge from Steve Kirsch. Better yet, you can urge authorities and media demagogues to accept his challenge.

Wikipedia (hardly a source to be trusted) will tell you that Steven Kirsch "is an American entrepreneur. He has started several companies and was one of two people who independently invented the optical mouse. Kirsch has been both a philanthropic supporter of medical research, and a promoter of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines." 

Yeah, right. In other words, no need to think or research for yourself - just trust the authorities. Obviously this is not good enough for millions of Canadians so a growing number of critics are becoming braver in challenging authorities who are drunk on their own brainwashing. It's time to put up or shut up. Here's the challenge: if you or any other expert on Covid propaganda thinks that you can actually prove his 'disinformation' wrong, Kirsch is eager to debate you publicly. The goal is simply to find the truth. In particular, you are invited to debate his most contentious charges:

  • Vaccines are killing people
  • The medical community is inept; how could it not acknowledge that vaccines cause autism?
  • Vaccines cause autism and other chronic health conditions
  • There are no studies that compare the FULLY unvaccinated with the FULLY vaccinated that shows statistically significant better health outcomes for the FULLY vaccinated on a broad range of health conditions (i.e., chronic diseases).
  • The COVID vaccines have killed more people than they’ve saved
  • Masks don’t work
  • Social distancing doesn’t work
  • Lockdowns did more harm than good
  • Mandates are unethical

The government of Canada is being pressured to abandon democracy and surrender to tyrannical edicts from the World Health Organization in the event of future pandemics. Are you really ready to surrender your future health based on trust and the silly hope that powerful, monied interests would never abuse your trust? Especially when they have been so wrong about so much and are afraid to debate.